Sunday, April 4, 2010

Canary in Coalmine, Tweet-Tweet

My mother said pulling up ivy would be her job in hell.
My own Dante-visitation to circles of hell?... Hurtling around meg-awful-ous interstate highway snarls, with poor signage, and a simply amazing number of cell phone towers, multiples at intersections and every quarter mile.

I guess we're covered.

Even more amazing?--The speed at which telecom and gubbermint have moved to transform local landscape, blighting every prominence. "We'" are about the bidness of distorting earth energies--earth where we live, the Commons.

A decade? That's just a nanosecond in geologic or cosmic time, but we've bought into it wholesale, or rather retail as it ain't cheap.

Have you had a look at the MD, Becker's book, Cross Currents? Interesting data re EMF-effects on the energy field of living things, including human beans. 

He regards our rampant proliferation of EMF as a public health crisis. a crisis comparable to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, which exposed our casual use of DDT as long-term lethal. 

Examples of health effects cited by Bess in an Op Ed for Maine Sierra Club:  

"Scientific findings suggest that the increase in EMF/RF on the body correlate with increases in cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer’s, depression, suicide, short-term memory loss, headache, eye pain, hair loss, irritability, emotional instability, diminished intellectual capacity. (All symptoms recognized by WHO.) 

"The science generated by the communications industry and the military, however, would have us believe there are no dangers..."

Am typing this on a major-geek-relative's computer, wearing EMF-shielding gloves woven with silver thread. Say what? More to the point, why?--Well, to Faraday-cage my hands from Verizon Wireless. Otherwise, feels as though I've thrust me hands into cement!

Have bought a tent to get out of the free-wifi!! come-hithers, now virtually everywhere, including funky little KOA Kabins--Formerly cheap lodging, and now expensive on an energy-level.

Meanwhile, am traversing the vastness of the US, crossing the Eastern Continental Divide and the mighty Mississippi, with a nod to Mark Twain, who piloted Mississippi riverboats in the heyday of his youth.

That powerful wildness, let it be noted, before marrying a propriety-control-freak, who tried to edit profanity and impertinence out of his writings!

Interesting self-inflicted cross to bear. Happy Passover and Easter, on that note, day of new beginnings and Spring at last.

Here on planet earth, we're reveling in fragrance of bluebonnet time, yucca in bloom and agarita; my aunt's garden already planted to tomatoes and peppers. She's grown rosemary bushes six feet across, just full of honeybees.

The morning rises to birdsong, the red birds' I'm pretty, I'm pretty, I'm sweet, I'm sweet; the quails' call of bob-white, bob-white from the thickets.

After moonrise in the tent, I'll lie still and listen to coyotes howl, the rustling of night critters.


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