Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Strange Times & Dreams

I woke this morning from a dream of a dying mother texting her son, from under the rubble of the San Francisco Bay area.  

He's been preoccupied and inattentive, unaware of the massive quake. A friend gets his attention with the news, and he goes into grief that his mother must have tried to reach him, and now is probably dead.

The friend had tried to tell him earlier and was ignored. For a moment the son displaces his horror, into rage at his friend for not having tried harder. And then grows up quickly, pulling his energy back from slamming his friend. 

He finds her message, "Son, where are you?" He types back a frantic reply. She's still alive, but the battery on her e-widget is almost dead; she's been waiting to tell him good bye. She reports that she's heard from others buried alive, that "a big wave is coming."  

Many such dreams seem to be entering waking memory. What do we make of this? 

Is it global systems-collapse Angst, felt as the earth actually giving way? Are the dreams precognitive? Does a fear-response make such dreams more formative? I wish I knew.

Might earth change dreams also serve a quiet function?--to help us focus on actually living whatever time we have.

How do we pull it together to still live open-hearted to one another, when many of us are not entirely nice right now, including the ones in the mirror!

In my own little world, I woke from the dream to first light; pulled on warm clothes and boots. Strong legs, thought I, and warm heart on a brisk morning. I went striding among fragrant conifers and brushed against pungent western sage. The sun rose over the snow peaks.

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