Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trance States

"How do you bring in so much different information?"

A friend had just read "Power of Symbols," a piece I'd written in another online venue, and she wanted the scoop.

"Uh, a lifelong active mind?" I offered. "And a good memory. A family member called it, The Elephant."

"When my dad was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kid," I elaborated, "he belonged to the "Want to Know It Club!" Something like that."

"Oh," she concluded. "You channeled!"

I gagged; she bustled along to her next item of interest.

Mind you, channeling is a remarkable phenom at the grinding of gears of paradigm shift--as Ouija boards and ectoplasm were, in the unraveling Victorian era.

Rule Britannia meets Mahatma Gandhi, and trance mediums summoned the deceased.
In our own times, many of us may feel stressed and out of sorts, when imposition of power feels malignant. The buck stops, nowhere... Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...

Beset and perhaps ungrounded, greater than Jane Doe / Joe Schmo can reverberate as empowering.

News bulletins from the Ascended Masters, Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades seem to follow a template of upliftment into personal spiritual ascension, evoking a sort of Walter Mitty-esque grandness:

You are beings of light.
Your light is transforming the world.
You are loved. 
You are aided beyond your ken...

Heady stuff, light in the midst of darkness. It's the mechanism which is concerning, the tendency to separate out darkness as an external force, and the seeking of  tranced-out states.

Bliss and gossamer mind-mush.

It's tedious that shadow government incubates in our us-and-them darkness. We live a volitional e-surround of planetary knowledge base and entertainment; we entrain with various e-screens and auditory gadgets.

E-gadgetry which serves as vector for mind control patents, you may not hear exposed on the nightly news. But the info is just a web search away.

We entrain and en-trance our lives.

Back when I was studying various healing modalities, I also explored the clinical aspects of hypnosis. Good work's done there, leaving aside Las Vegas demos.

I finally decided that clarity and common sense are relatively rare. Why facilitate further trance when people are rarely out of trance? Especially the many millions taking prescribed psychotropic drugs, or self-medicating.

Few people are actually in their bodies, not to put too a fine a point on it.

If not in residence, what is? The latest manipulative advert or political sound bite? Voices of dubious origin, unrelenting buzz-noise? Us-and-them national or religious zeolatry?

It struck me that learning to stand and move grounded while out among societal loony tunes could be useful. Quiet, purposeful.

To learn, in fact, to channel one's self.
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