Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Ghost Story & a UFO

"A UFO? No! You're kidding, in the Blue Ridge Mountains?"

"You bet: no street lights, no sidewalks to roll up. Country folk go to bed early and on nights of howling wind, things can get eerie. One late evening when my mom was visiting, she went out to watch the stars and just about croaked: A something or other, flat-ish and circular, was hovering over my neighbor's hilltop, three colors of lights pulsing around the rim!"

"How could you stand it by your lonesome? You don't mean a woman alone, doing a three-ring-circus organic farm?"

"Well, that's how it worked out, and I wouldn't trade anything for having known that life: heirloom fruit trees and honeybees, a pantry to dream on; black bear and Teddy Bear the elkhound, cattle and goats and baa-baa sheep, flowers and deep woods and sweet cool mornings in the back of the beyond... I lost my heart to the beauty of the mountains and an Earth-Whisperer dream."

"What else?"

"Well, if you like a good story, here's a sneak preview..."

Woman, armed and dangerous 

A ghost goes bump in the night

At the lip of the cornucopia

Creek baptism in a thunderstorm

Making old-timey molasses

Gardening tips, wild herbs, elixirs

Green-manure winter rye, or Roundup spray-it-dead?

Bridal crowns

Blue Danube Waltz

Matriarch mentor & true-blue friends

"Curl up with a cuppa and read-aloud kind of stories."

  Wayfaring Traveler,
Organic Farm Stories & Recipes


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