Sunday, February 21, 2016

Foretaste of Spring & J.I.T.

False Spring, 
Crops This Year

Pulling a baby carrot from his compost-rich garden, Granddaddy handed it to his little sidekick, me, wiping off the dirt. 

I held onto the feathery leaves, which smelled like Queen Anne's Lace, and crunched it down in little bites like Peter Rabbit. Granddaddy watched, and grinned.

I had never in my short life tasted such crispy sweetness. My eyes got big. Pre-dawn on a summer's morning, Granddaddy had opened a door into a mystery I've sleuthed ever since. 

I've followed trails to bountiful land, to taste and fragrance, bright life force, and magic of discovery of Burnett's, The Secret Garden...

How could we be so slumberous as to let chemical companies offer produce, poisoned, ever more tasteless... but lucrative to the perps?

I remembered that watershed moment with my grandfather while shovelling snow around roses and trees to "water" my Rocky Mountain garden, in a euphoria of surprise warm weather and false spring.

This may be the year we stumble our way to the old lineage of gardening. It may be time: Just in Time. JIT delivery could surprise us with empty shelves.

Plenty of "doomporn" on the Net of just-comeuppance for our preoccupations with a faux-world of buy-buy and click-click.

Hunger is a great leveller. 

In Great Depression One and World War Two, the US was still agricultural, small family farms. Big cities were surrounded by truck farms, not malls and suburbia.

When rationing was imposed for the war effort, the wealthy could afford black market. 

Country folk already planted gardens and canned/dried/stored for the winter; they planted more.

Victory Gardens were encouraged then, not yet having lost our bureaucratic minds.

Now gardeners who dig up useless lawn to plant fruits and veggies are punished by uniformity-obsessed Neighborhood Associations, municipalities and alphabet agencies!

Will gumint provide plenty, if store shelves go empty? 

25 Feb. 2016:  
Cosmologically speaking, fwiw, much strange activity: bizarre weather, early retirements and movement away from dense megalopolis and coastlines to higher ground, or underground: NIBIRU PLANET X ~ The BEST EVIDENCE to DATE ~ PREPARING FOR 2016! (A MUST SEE!)-JOHN MOORE

Chop wood; haul water...

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