Saturday, November 5, 2016

Guy Fawkes Day 2016, Update 6 Nov.

Remember, Remember
the Fifth 
of November

Bonfires and fireworks and high-fives to freedom, on this day the British Commonwealth remembers a 1605 attempt to blow up the Parliament building.

A tempting thought this side of the pond--overdue house-cleaning on Capitol Hill! This US election may shift priorities peaceably.

What if "white-hats" blew up American corruption? 

How?... By exposing deleted emails, by refusing to tolerate further abuses of power, abuses egregious.

Have you met the brave man, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who has declared a soft intell-coup against grotesque malefactors?  4 vivid minutes:

I read that he first sent his family out of immediate harm's way to another country, before speaking for an alliance of white-hats, alerting us to peaceful dissent, and a Second American Revolution.

Update 6 Nov. 2016: 

Now bear in mind, those who've tried to  inconvenience a certain political crime-family have met untimely ends. Dozens and dozens of suspicious deaths, and even coroners bought off to rule a mafia type hit, as a suicide.  

Remember, remember: Incitements to urban violence, bonfires in the streets, serve those desperate for further power-grab and martial law

Let us not feed the globalist beast as it thrashes about for justification. 

Last night rains fell softly after a long dry spell and a golden autumn. Another sort of freedom shone in the pre-dawn hours

A kindred spirit friend was finally released from unspeakable pain and Hospice. Those who've cared for her through long vigil imagine her in the gardens still and mercifully freed from suffering.

It is a thrillingly good time to be alive, or to pass on.
The iconic Taos photographer, Welshman Geraint Smith, did the cover photo of my first Wayfaring Traveler book. He is out in all weathers reminding us of deep roots.


At November 5, 2016 at 3:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a great time to be alive and to witness a lot that's been hidden finally coming to light along with a ballot-box choice.

Listening to the corner of MSM called "Public Radio", I opted to speak to the local affiliate with money...a bribe really. I offered a $100 to their beg-a-thon if they would simply drop the bias and fairly cover the election. e.g report the news without the irritating spin.

No takers.

The local affiliate simply forwarded my offer to NPR where it is now being ignored at a higher level.

The inferred response is, "No thanks, we get plenty from special interests who don't need honesty, so keep your $100 and take what we give you."

I'd like to think a lot of us are choosing otherwise. We can keep what we have and hear many, new, honest voices outside the biased 'media'. Then, along the way, we just might get a 2nd shot at our own Constitution!

At November 5, 2016 at 3:25 PM , Blogger Wayfarer said...

Dear 'mous, you are a hoot and a tonic!!

Let's talk a little civil disobedience with our friends. Thank you for audacious sense of humor.

At November 9, 2016 at 10:14 AM , Blogger Wayfarer said...

To readers on a day of upset, and perhaps reset of the globalist agenda. Although, "they slumber not, neither do they sleep."

A female friend is in mourning, black, shock, and will likely go expat.

A dear friend from schooling abroad, in international e-conversation, included me in the exchange.

Here's my two cents worth (which would buy me about a teaspoon of a latte!)

I've watched an attempt to lay the upset at the door of white men w/o college education, lol. What arrogance. Another pontification mentions patriots taking issue with the other person's treason. As to the vagina-vote, how embarrassing, ignoring serial rape and pedophilia to wax hysterical about the word, p*ssy.

Our current loss of journalism has been particularly galling to this wordsmith.


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