Friday, October 10, 2014

Hootenanny Story-Telling!

Here we go and I hope you have a hoot of a good time at a cozy Autumn Equinox performance of Earth-Whisperers stories. It was filmed by a pro at a wonderful community bookshop.

Let's visit the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and stories told with sound effects and vigor. Come on in and set awhile.

You'll hear (one woman!) conversations of mountain dialect and get to know the matriarch who mentored me and tucked me under her wing.

Here's a chance for international readers to appreciate the sound of the local speech pattern, and wicked sense of humor.

The videographer, Bob Keeton, is some wizard and has interspersed surprise photos and video--critters & bringing in the sheaves & sorghum molasses making--and wait till you hear the Appalachian music!


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