Friday, October 31, 2014

Bear Sign

Bears don't fear adipose tissue; liposuction is not a concern. I have a silly image tickling my fancy--a bear in bulging waistcoat turning to admire its reflection!

First Bollywood film I saw puzzled me. The male lead was not panther-lithe but chubby, verging on paunchy. I asked a Subcontinent friend about it. It seemed a strange aesthetic.

"No, not strange, not strange at all," bobbing his head side to side. "Consider beggars in the cities. Chubby is healthy; the star has had plenty to eat."

Plump then, as a prosperity aesthetic, which is troubling this day of harvest ending, the night of Samhain when the veil thins on All Hallows Eve.

Unprotected bee hives and bird feeders are a bear focus, for last blubber before hibernation. (While banksters eye savings and pension funds as last easy plunder.) Bear scat on the lane this morning is full of juniper seed.

Travelers into wilderness lands are warned not to leave food out, above all not to think bears "cute", and feed them. Bear claws can tear apart a bee hive enclosure or just as easily, a camping rig.

Governments have not prepared for winter, let alone hard times. Ones impersonating democracy have instead prepared with snoop-tech and crowd control weaponry.

There's a ghost and ghoulie feeling this Halloween, of jackboots rising from the grave. Note the guy in the gun turret, aiming at Boston citizens.

Boston, where 18th century outrage against British domination struck fire. Boston, where 21st century lock-down was launched--with a deft touch of irony and the macabre.

We have seen the enemy, Pogo, not in a cave in Afghanistan, but us. We're GMO-fat, dazed, and not ready for winter, with jackboots marching two by two.

I live out West now, where the Bundy Ranch Standoff was big startling news. Cowboys (it's a job description, not a fashion statement) ambled in with rifles on their saddles. Plenty of snakes in the desert, you know.

Lean and mean, they faced down a militarized federal agency, bent on confiscation and destruction:

There's a saying about rudeness and overreach: "Your getting too big for your britches."

Champagne for profiteers and cat food for the homeless...  Who are we at harvest moon?

Curl up with a good book:


At October 31, 2014 at 12:22 PM , Anonymous kevin said...

Keep the bat signal spotlight shining, Wayfarer. Happy Halloween.

At October 31, 2014 at 4:18 PM , Blogger Wayfarer said...

Happy Halloween to you and yours, Kevin.

Bats echo-locate and swoop unerring through deep night.. Am hopeful we'll find our way.


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