Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wayfaring Book Launch!

Wayfaring Traveler, 
Whale Rider of the Tide
February 23, 2013
If I could write a poem, it would be to partnership. My long journey has come to rendezvous with extraordinary allies, and book launch!

Creative musing, you know, is often solitary, dawn and dusk and in quiet nooks, listening, showing up and being still. Tent-living certainly had that component.

But, my dears, the book is happening, thanks to colleague-friends. Juicy details follow below the link. At the wayfaring website, you will find the launch date with the book's striking front cover: Wayfaring Traveler, Whale Rider of the Tide. Both Kindle, small e-book and print-on-demand in a week's time.

When hard copy is released, you'll see the unusual cover image wraps around to the back cover, which I hope you'll find amusing, and enjoy. The nature graphic was taken by an iconic photographer of mountain and desert American West, Geraint Smith, who happens to be affable, kind and Welsh! He has also brought the Taos Mountain double rainbow to wayfaring readers on the website homepage.

Our Net alliances in this Aquarian time of transformation continue to astonish and delight. My Luddite learning curve has proceeded by fits and starts, often embarrassing, but fiberoptics DSL reached the boonies just in time for megabytes flying to and from:

The Arizona desert--land of huge saguaro cactus and the Grand Canyon--to the format-wizardess, Debora Lewis who has worked long and odd hours. We conferred back and forth till nearly midnight on the cover and proofreading. She does three versions of the MS: two e-book app's and hard copy, and registers all the legalities. Amazing skill sets.

And the Rocky Mountain snow peaks of Colorado, to Cassandra Leoncini,  my web design maestra and book consultant, she of the lightning graphics reflexes, the go-to how-to person. She who inspires, when obstacles come.

Partnerships emerge as a treasure of these interesting times. The imploding predator-paradigm must feed its ravening maw, and does so by engendering isolation, fear, and feelings of impotence. A tried and false modus operandi.

And then, we've been blessed with great hearts: Gandhi and Rumi and the Dalai Lama, with courageous whistle-blowers, and with one another.

All in this together, somehow, even those planning hegemony.