Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Human Family & Fruitfulness; Setting

Be forewarned, this story transitions from the idyllic, which many good hearts around the world are creating, to the horrific--Info not reported, and immediately avoided if found. 

A respected reader is indignant; feels tricked by the lyrical; refuses to read the segue to what war is imposing on planetary health. 

She feels I should have led in with war depredations, and followed with tales of redemption, rather than the reverse order.

But the  disturbing info presented is not new; it's simply shunned, hence my easing into it.

Two juxtaposed life choices, as our global Zeitgeist grows less oblivious to repercussions. Gardens & community, or wasteland? What'll it be?...

Farmers and elders and impassioned young folks are planting gardens and orchards, a dream of Eden. A dream of four-season gardening, community and local prosperity.

A life where children and butterflies, honeybees and birds, all creatures great and small can thrive. Where stewardship can be mentored, and children grow up with hope.
We're alive at extraordinary intermezzo, all of us on earth, as individuals wake up, reality thunk upside the head. Many of us are choosing to rendezvous with like hearts.

We roll up our sleeves and re-discover the world of forest and watershed, deep earth and life worth living.

I've pondered early photos of the Holy Land, a land of olive groves, fruit trees and shepherds. Some of the olive trees, as at Gethsemane, date back to the time of Christ, and have fed families for countless generations.

Fruitfulness is ever at risk.

Apartheid bellicosity is bulldozing and setting fire to olive groves, and the new trees planted to replace them.

Earth guardians protect; they replant.

The passion of conquering obliterates common humanity, for war profiteering and wasteland. In the larger "sand box" arena, anything goes, in order to control:

Opium poppies, museum plunder and oil pipelines.

Even a half-life of 4.5 billion years can be justified by pathologies of power, destroying nations with depleted uranium or DU.

Let's bunker-buster; let's telecast thrilling fireworks of "Shock & Awe" as ancient (populated) cities are laid waste.

Never mind the unborn, or dust storms and the Jet Stream.

Parents of children of invaded countries and DU-exposed war veterans are trying to cradle:

Perpetrators generally do not send their own sons and daughters into harm's way. There may be an omen afoot, however.

Cheney-hissing-in-the-night is recipient, at age 71, of a heart transplant. Curious, these transplants. Medical anecdotes mention personality anomalies after heart surgery, a transfer of the likes and dislikes of the donor.

Perhaps from one who lived a heart-centered life?  A watershed moment.

It may be that we're about maxed out on leaders who do harm, whatever the toothy smile and presentation.